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How to schedule tweets on Twitter

It's easy to save that viral tweet for the perfect moment, here's what you have to do.
April 23, 2022

With Twitter now letting users schedule tweets from the website itself, the need to get a third-party tool or plugin or even pay for a tweet scheduling service is a thing of the past. There are still helpful Twitter apps, but the overall process has become far more accessible in recent years.

So, how do you schedule tweets on Twitter? It only takes a few steps! Just make sure you have an account and all your login details on hand because this won’t take long! We previously offered information on scheduling a tweet via the Twitter app, but we’ve since removed it. Unfortunately, the feature is only available on the web app version of Twitter.

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How to schedule tweets via

  1. Open on the web or your phone via mobile browser, and make sure you are logged in to the correct account.
  2. Type in your tweet and add any media like image, video, gifs, emojis, or create a poll, just as you usually would for any tweet.
schedule tweet on web
  1. Hit the calendar/clock icon to open scheduling options.
  2. Set the date and time to your choosing and time zone, a handy option if you need to figure out different times around the world. (By default, it looks like Twitter will set a tweet for exactly five days in the future.)
schedule tweet on web 2
  1. Done! Hit confirm at the top right, and your tweet is scheduled.

(Note: I use Twitter in dark mode on the web, but only in the app in the evenings. Check out more information on dark mode here and reasons why you’ll want to try it or not.)