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How to reset your iRobot Roomba

A factory reset should always be a last resort.
March 9, 2023

While it’s unlikely with any robot vacuum, even iRobot’s well-known Roomba models might sometimes need a reset if they’re running into glitches or you’re giving them away. Here’s how to perform software and hardware resets of some popular Roomba lines.


To reset using the iRobot Home app, go to Settings > Remove/Factory Reset [robot name]. You can use a hardware reset as a fallback, but instructions depend on your Roomba model.


How to do a software reset of your iRobot Roomba

A software reset is the easiest method, and offers the option of saving any Smart Maps you’ve created so a robot doesn’t have to re-learn your home. Just follow these steps:

  • Launch the iRobot Home app.
  • Tap Settings (the gear icon), then Remove/Factory Reset [robot name].
  • Flip on the Save maps during factory reset toggle if you want to restore Smart Maps later.
  • Tap Factory Reset [robot name].

How to do a hardware reset of your iRobot Roomba

If a software reset is impossible, a hardware reset is an option, but instructions will vary based on your vacuum.

s- and i-Series

  • Press and hold the Clean, Home, and Spot Clean buttons simultaneously.
  • When a white ring stars swirling around the Clean button, let go.


  • Remove the dust bin.
  • Press and hold the Clean button for 7 seconds, then let go.
  • When the Roomba emits a tone, tap the Clean button again.


  • Press and hold the Clean, Home, and Spot Clean buttons simultaneously for 20 seconds, then let go.


  • Press and hold the Clean, Dock, and Spot Clean buttons simultaneously.
  • When all LEDs are lit, let go.

600- and 800-Series

  • Press and hold the Clean, Dock, and Spot Clean buttons.
  • When you hear a beep, let go.


  • Open the lid, and find the Reset button to the left of the on/off switch.
  • Press and hold Reset for 10 seconds.

What happens when you factory reset a Roomba

As the term suggests, a reset wipes out local data and settings for your Roomba, which means you’ll need to set it up again. If you perform a hardware reset, you’ll still need to do a software reset too if you want to scrub associated app and cloud data. You should always perform a software reset if you’re giving a Roomba away.

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