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How to make Pokestops in Pokemon Go

Pokestops are the social engines of Pokemon Go. Obviously, everyone wants one but that's harder than it sounds. Here is how to make Pokestops in Pokemon Go!

Published onOctober 13, 2016

Pokemon Go how to make pokestops
Pokestops are the social engines in Pokemon Go. They are where people go to find items, meet other players, and drop Lures to catch Pokemon. Public places such as churches, parks, and other landmarks of note are where you can find Pokestops. We know what you’re thinking. That you want one of these things where you can easily reach it. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. Here is how you can get a Pokestop. This method should also work if you want to request a Gym as well.

how to make pokestops

How to get a Pokestop for normal people

Here’s how all of this works. There is a submission form that you can fill out to request a new Pokestop. You can find that submission form by clicking here. Unfortunately, Niantic isn’t accepting submissions for new Pokestops at this time. To date, they have only opened up this submission form a handful of times and it usually closes quickly.

This is an unfortunate situation for those who live out in the middle of nowhere and have no Pokestops close by. Pokestops are generally places that are open to the public or are places of note. That means you’ll probably never have a Pokestop at your house even when the submissions open once again.

how to make pokestops

How to get a Pokestop if you’re a business

Businesses have at least one additional option that normal people don’t have. At the bottom of the submission form (linked above) you’ll find an email address. This is for businesses that want to partner with Niantic. With a partnership in place, a business can easily become a Pokestop or a Gym. Just ask McDonald’s, which has a Pokestop or Gym at virtually every location in Japan.

We’re not familiar with the process once you reach out to Niantic. However, we’re sure that you’ll get a response from a rep if you send in an email to inquire about it.

how to make pokestops

Other ways to manipulate Pokestops

Of course, there are other ways that you can change locations of Pokestops. Here is a short list of other things that you can do with Pokestops. Do beware that these changes that likely permanent.

  • You can use this form to report problems with Pokestops or Gyms. Use this method for reporting stops that aren’t acting right or may be in the wrong spot. Niantic should fix these once reported.
  • You can use this form to request removal of a Pokestop or a Gym. Use this method if you see a Pokestop in an inappropriate place such as someone’s private property or, you know, Auschwitz.

That about sums up all that you can do right now when it comes to adding or removing Pokestops. Given their importance, it makes sense that Niantic doesn’t just hand these locations out. Of course, those who live in areas without them are definitely feeling the pain of having to drive into the city just to stock up on items. Feel free to leave a comment if there are any other tips or tricks that you know of that we missed. Click here to find out the latest Pokemon Go news!

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