The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best smartphones on the market right now. However, the device launched with only 64 GB of storage in the US, which might not be enough for all you power users out there. If you need more space for your apps, games, images, and videos, you can expand the storage of the phablet via a microSD card. Here’s how to insert a microSD card into Galaxy Note 8.
How to insert a microSD card into Galaxy Note 8
The good news is the process is simple and doesn’t take much time, as it can be completed in less than a minute — check out the detailed instructions below.

How to insert a memory card

The first thing you have to do is grab the SIM ejector tool you’ll find in the box your Galaxy Note 8 came in. After that, locate the SIM/microSD card tray — it’s on top of the device — and push the ejector tool into the small hole beside it until the tray pops out.

The next step for  how to insert a microSD card into Galaxy Note 8 is to pull the tray out completely using your fingers and place the microSD card in the smaller of the two slots — the larger is for the SIM card. It’s marked, so you shouldn’t have a problem figuring out which is the correct one. Then just push the tray back into the slot, wait a few seconds for the device to recognize it, and you’re good to go.

Step by step instructions:

Step 1: Find the SIM ejector tool in the Galaxy Note 8 retail box.
Step 2: Push the tool into the small hole on top of the device beside the SIM/microSD card tray.
Step 3: When the SIM/microSD card tray pops out, pull it out completely with your fingers.
Step 4: Insert the tray back into the slot and wait a few seconds for the device to recognize the card.

The storage of the Galaxy Note 8 can be expanded up to 256 GB, which should provide more than enough space for your data, even if you are a power user. And if you’re having trouble deciding which memory card to opt for, check out our list of the best ones currently available right here.

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