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How to find your WiFi password on Android

It's super easy to find and share your WiFi password on Android devices. This skill comes in handy quite a bit!
May 2, 2021
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G display
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

You connect to many WiFi networks over your lifetime and probably even multiple networks in a single day. After you’ve entered a WiFi password, your Android device typically remembers it and automatically connects to it next time. But what happens when you need to connect a different device to that network? Or maybe share the WiFi password with a friend? In this post, we’ll go over how to find and share your WiFi password on your Android devices.

How to share your WiFi password on Android

If your smartphone is running Android 10 or later versions, sharing your WiFi password is super easy.

On most Android phones, you can navigate to your phone’s Settings > Network and Internet > WiFi and then tap on the WiFi to show the network you’re currently connected to.

On the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (the phone used for this article), the settings are a little different. For Samsung phones, the navigation should be Settings > Connections > WiFi and then you can click on the network you’re currently connected to.

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When you click on the gear icon next to the network you’re currently connected to, you should see QR code at the bottom of the screen. When you tap on this, it’ll bring up a screen with a QR code. Then, a friend can scan it with their phone as long as it is running Android 10 and up, and automatically connect to the WiFi network.

You can choose to either share this QR code with a friend over text message or they can scan it from your device. If this is a private network, you will be asked to enter your PIN, pattern, password, or fingerprint before you can share the network with anyone.

If you’re trying to share your WiFi password with someone who’s running a smartphone with Android 9 or older, you can just share the picture of the QR code with them and they can try to use a decoder, like ZXING Decoder, to reveal the password.

How to see your WiFi password on Android 10 and up

With phones running Android 10 and up, seeing your WiFi password is just as easy as sharing it. When you open up that screen that shows the QR code, you should see the password right underneath it.

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Being able to see the password comes in handy if you have already signed into a WiFi network but then later need to connect using your laptop or another electronic device. Then you won’t have to bug your host as long as you’ve previously signed into their WiFi on your phone.

On my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, I don’t see the password typed out underneath the QR code. If this is the case for all Galaxy Ultra phones, you may need to use a QR code decoder like we mentioned above in order to read the password for the WiFi network you’re trying to connect to.

How to see your WiFi password on Android 9 and lower

With phones that are running Android 9 and lower, it gets a bit trickier. It’s not as easy to see and share your saved WiFi passwords. You have to root your phone in order to do it. If you’re not technologically inclined, rooting your phone is intimidating because there’s a lot that could go wrong. 

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If you feel comfortable rooting your phone, then there are a few different apps in the Google Play Store that will allow you to view saved WiFi passwords. 

One option is the WiFi Password Viewer app. Install the app and grant root access. Once you’ve done this, you should see all of your saved WiFi networks on the main home page. Choose whichever WiFi network you’re trying to find the password of and select Share from the list that pops up. Now you can see the password and connect to more devices or share it with friends. 

If you decide to root your phone, there’s a lot more you can do besides just view WiFi network passwords. 

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Although it’s possible to see and share WiFi passwords on your Android devices whether you’re running Android 10 and up or 9 and lower, it’s definitely a lot easier on 10 and up.

If you decide to root your phone to view WiFi passwords on devices running Android 9 and lower, make sure you really understand the steps and risks involved in rooting your device before you do it.