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How to create, edit and use your Memoji on an iPhone or iPad

I look more handsome than that! Where's the edit button?

Published onJanuary 2, 2024

After you create your Memoji, you might want to change it later. Maybe there are new cool features from iOS updates, or perhaps you just feel like giving yourself a different look. Either way, it’s straightforward to go back and make small changes to your Memoji. Here’s how to do it.


To create a Memoji, open Messages, start or access a message, tap the plus icon (+) > More > Memoji. Swipe left, tap New Memoji, customize features, and tap Done.

To edit a Memoji, tap the plus icon (+) > More > Memoji. Swipe left or right to find your desired Memoji if you have more than one. Tap the three-dot icon , choose Edit, and modify facial features, clothing, etc.


How to create a Memoji (iOS)

  • Open Messages and start a new message or access an existing one.
  • Tap the plus icon (+) next to the text box.
  • Choose More among the options.
  • Select Memoji.
  • Swipe left and tap on New Memoji.
  • On the bottom half of the screen, you’ll find various customization options. Begin by selecting your skin color, hairstyle, eyebrows, eyes, head shape, nose, and other details, including your clothing style. Tap Done once you’re finished.

Feel free to create as many Memojis as you wish; there are no restrictions on the number you can make.

How to edit a Memoji (iOS)

If you prefer making slight adjustments to your existing Memoji instead of creating a new one, follow these steps:

  • Go to Memoji section.
  • Your saved Memojis will appear at the bottom of the screen. If you have more than one, swipe left or right to find the desired Memoji.
  • Tap the three-dot icon at the bottom-left of the screen and then select Edit.
  • You’ll be directed to the editing screen, where you can modify facial characteristics, clothing, and more.
  • Remember to save your changes by tapping Done before exiting.

How to use the Memoji (iOS)

Sending your Memoji in Messages

  • Open Messages and navigate to the conversation.
  • Tap the plus icon (+) > More > Memoji.
  • Swipe left or right to find the preferred Memoji.
  • Position your face in front of the camera and make your desired facial expression.
  • Tap on your Memoji, and a preview will be shown.
  • To send it, tap the send icon. If you’re not satisfied, tap the X icon and redo it.

Sending your animated Memoji in Messages

  • Open the conversation, tap the plus icon (+) > More > Memoji.
  • Ensure your face is in front of the camera.
  • Press the record button at the bottom right to start recording. Speak your message and make desired facial expressions.
  • Tap the Stop button when you’re finished (note that you can record a message for up to 30 seconds before it automatically stops).
  • If you like your message, hit the send button. Otherwise, tap the trash can icon to delete and record a new one.

Sending Memoji stickers in Messages

  • Open the conversation, tap the plus icon (+), and select Stickers.
  • Choose your Memoji tab and select the sticker you like.

Making Memoji Face Replacement Videos (using Clips app)

  • Open the Clips app.
  • Tap the star icon at the bottom right and select the Memoji tab.
  • Press and hold the record button to capture your video.
  • To save your video, tap on the share button and select Save Video.


Apple does not seem to impose any limit. So feel free to go crazy.

No, we can only customize the upper half of our body, including facial features, hairstyles, and clothing.

No. Memoji is an Apple invention, therefore you can only make them on an Apple device. However, Android has its own version called BitMoji. Alternatively, you can create a custom emoji using other available options.

No. Since Memoji is an Apple product, you cannot make or edit one on a non-Android device.

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