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How to change unlock method on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has included multiple ways to securely access your handset. Let's show you how to change unlock method on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Published onOctober 20, 2018

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is both secure and convenient, as well as versatile. Samsung has included multiple ways to secure your handset. The device introduction offers some insight into the options, but the explanation and tutorial don’t go into enough detail. Thankfully, we can show you how to change unlock method on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

How do you go back and switch between unlock methods? Let’s go through the steps and show you how to best keep your phone safe.

Unlock methods available

There are 8 types of unlock methods available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. 5 of these are classic methods, while another 3 offer biometric protection.

  • Swipe: All it requires is a swipe to go from the lock screen to your home screen. It’s very easy and convenient, but pray the phone doesn’t get stolen.
  • Pattern: A pattern is likely the best balance between convenience and security. It displays a 9-dot square in which you can match dots to create a… pattern.
  • PIN: Are you old fashioned? Just pick a PIN number and keep your phone safe.
  • Password: Need more security? Combine all kinds of characters to make a unique password.
  • None: Press the power button and go straight to your home screen. That’s it.
  • Face recognition: The phone will examine your unique facial features and use the frontal camera to recognize your identity. Samsung does warn the method could be fooled with a good enough picture or a very similar user.
  • Fingerprint scanner: This is the most secure method in the list. Fingerprints have been used as one of the most secure ways to identify people. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 does have a sensor.
  • Iris scanner: Like your fingerprint, your iris is unique and extremely hard to replicate. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 uses an IR LED and an Iris Camera to recognize the pattern in the colored area of your eyes.

How to change the unlock method

Chosen your method? Now it’s time to learn exactly how to change unlock method on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

  1. Access the Settings app.
  2. Select “Lock screen and security”.
  3. Select “Screen lock type”.
  4. If you have a previous security measure, input your credentials.
  5. All the options will be laid out in the screen. Select the one you prefer.
  6. Follow instructions after this. Each option has a different process. For biometric solutions you will have to register your fingers, eyes or face. In addition, some methods require a secondary level of security (for those times when things just don’t work). For example, I use the fingerprint reader and a PIN.

Wrapping up

All set? Now you know how to change unlock method on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (or don’t, if that is your preference). Hit the comments to let us know which set-up is your favorite.

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