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Swing to the top of the mountain in Hang Line: Mountain Climber

Swing to the summit in the intense action climbing game Hang Line: Mountain Climber!

Published onJanuary 16, 2019

Ever fantasize about climbing to the top of a mountain using just a grappling hook while rescuing stranded film crew members and princesses along the way? Well, now you can in the intense action climbing game Hang Line: Mountain Climber!

Coming from publisher Yodo1 (of Crossy Road and Rodeo Stampede fame), Hang Line: Mountain Climber will have you tapping furiously on the screen to swing your way to the summit. With each tap you’ll fling your trusty grappling hook into snow banks, icicles, and rocks perched perilously on the steep cliffs.

You’re not climbing without purpose, however, as there are numerous characters to rescue along the way. You’ll have to carefully plan your path to rescue everyone and make it to the summit safely.

To make matters worse, each level is filled with dangerous animals and obstacles. There are mountain goats to knock you off of your rope, mountain lions that try to devour you whole, and falling rocks that can smash your brave hero to bits.

As you rescue surVivors and complete missions, you’ll earn gold that you can use to gain access to new levels or unlock new cosmetics. Spiff up your character or snag a new helicopter (with options such as the Sharkcopter and the Fortnite-esque Helibus) before hopping right back onto the cliffs.

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If a certain level is proving too tough, you can use a special item to gain a quick boost. These range from radars that show the location of the nearest surVivor to Goonies-style boxing gloves that knock away anything that threatens your ascent.

Not all mountains have peaks though – the game features an endless mode that lets you climb higher and higher until a mountain goat headbutts you to your demise or you’re smashed by a falling rock. Four of the game’s five areas include an endless mode, so there’s some variety along the way.

Hang Line: Mountain Climber is free-to-play with in-app-purchase and optional ads with special rewards. It’s also available now, so click on the button below to download it from the Google Play Store and get swingin’!