If you love playing video games, you know the woes of needing to game on a PC monitor vs being able to hang out on your couch and play on the TV. Technically you could stream your game to your TV or just connect it directly, but you could never really get the same experience on a TV as you could on your high end monitor. So why hasn’t someone taken computer monitor technology and just put it into something the size of a TV?

Now, Asus is looking to do just that.

The Asus PG65 is what Asus is calling a “Big Format Gaming Display”. Really, it’s a super high quality TV with the guts of a super high end monitor. It’s a 4k panel with a refresh rate of 120Hz and super low latency, so you probably won’t even notice the difference between this and the monitor at your desktop. It’s even got GSYNC. What TV’s have GSYNC??

Since Asus is working with NVIDIA on this project, there’s an NVIDIA Shield with Android TV built right in. That means you can stream games from your PC, play games with the Shield controller, and watch videos through apps like YouTube and Netflix. Really, this is a smart TV, but with all the gaming features you ever wanted.

This display is also HDR certified and can reach a peak brightness of 1,000 nits, so you can stream all your favorite content in its best format. It even uses the DCI-P3 color gamut, which is 25% wider than sRGB. Get ready for some vivid colors.

Asus hasn’t disclosed pricing or availability for this display, but we can assume that it will probably have a price tag to match its level of innovation. I’d love to get one of these in my house at some point, but for now it’s probably out of my price range.

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