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We have been waiting for over a month to purchase the Google WiFi routers that were first announced at the company’s Pixel press event in early October. Today, pre-orders for the routers finally went live at the Google Store site, along with a handful of other retailers.

While one Google WiFi router can work to cover up to 1,500 square feet of wireless connectivity in a home, the hardware has been designed specifically to work with more than one of its kind to expand the reach of a WiFi signal. One router is priced at $129, but Google is also selling three of the routers in one package for $299. That should allow for up to 4,500 square feet of WiFi coverage in a bigger home or office.

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Google WiFi will also come with what the company calls Network Assist, which is supposed to optimize the signal in the background, along with allowing users with more than one router on the network to transition between WiFI signals seamlessly. The company will release its own Google Wifi app that will allow users to share the local network password with guests, while also offering some Internet parental control features for families with kids.

In addition to the Google Store, you can pre-order Google WiFi routers at Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy. You will still have a while to wait before you can get your hands on one; shipments are expected to begin on December 6.

Will you be checking out Google’s latest hardware product?

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