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We’ve certainly heard a slew of rumors regarding Google’s wireless service lately, and it looks like we may get a lot more information from the company sometime soon. Google will reportedly begin to roll out its U.S. wireless service as early as Wednesday, April 22nd, according to a new report out of The Wall Street Journal.

Rumors of the wireless service have been circulating around the web, stating that the service will only work on Sprint and T-Mobile’s networks, and will switch between the two depending on which mobile carrier has the strongest network signal at that time. There have also been a few rumors explaining that the service will only work with the company’s Nexus 6 handset, at least at the beginning.

Perhaps the most interesting bit of this whole report is that customers will only need to pay for the amount of mobile data they use each month – a business method that makes perfect sense, yet no carrier has adopted this method thus far. Also, the new MVNO will be able to route calls and data through Wi-Fi networks, which could greatly reduce customers’ monthly bills.

We’ve heard the majority of these rumors in the past, but this is the first time we’re hearing anything regarding the release date of the mobile service. And other than the information presented above, no other details have been outed quite yet. One thing is for certain, though. Google isn’t creating its own wireless service to directly compete with other carriers – it’s doing it to prove something. Odds are, whenever this service is announced, it will bring something to the table that could potentially influence the way other carriers work.

We need to remember that for now, this is just a rumor. But if this report has any validity to it, we may know a lot more about Google’s wireless service very soon.