Google Play Store

According to an email sent out to app developers, Google may end up launching its “Designed for Families” program at Google I/O on May 28th. In the email, Google is urging developers to opt-in to the family friendly version of¬†Google Play by Thursday, May 28th. That is coincidentally the first day of the Google I/O developer conference, so there’s reason to believe that the program could launch sometime that day.

First announced back in April, “Designed for Families” aims to help parents find appropriate, trusted, high-quality applications and games more easily. For some time now, the Play Store has been riddled with low-quality educational apps and games filled with ads, and this new program is being put in place to help out with that problem.


Google I/O 2015 is turning out to be quite the event. The company may be giving users the ability to have much more control over app permissions, new voice action controls, and we may even get our first taste of Android M.

Are there any parents out there? If so, are you excited for Google to unveil the Designed for Families program?

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