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For a limited time, T-Mobile is giving customers the chance to cut the cost of a Google Pixel in half if they sign up for a T-Mobile ONE contract. Pixel owners must first enroll with T-Mobile ONE, then show proof of their Pixel purchase via T-Mobile’s validation site, to qualify.

Once a person has completed the above, they will be credited $13.55 on each of their monthly bills for 24 months, reaching a total of $325, or half of one 32 GB Pixel. The offer applies to both Pixel and Pixel XL models, though the $13.55 monthly credit remains the same even if a customer purchased the more expensive device.

“If you think you can only purchase and use the Pixel on Verizon… that’s simply not true!” wrote T-Mobile in its press release, adding “And not that we’re bragging, but compared to Verizon, T-Mobile ONE offers Pixel customers true unlimited high-speed data in the U.S.”

Verizon is an exclusive partner for sales of the Pixel, and is the only US carrier listed on the Google’s Pixel store page.

T-Mobile’s ONE program offers users unlimited talk, text, 4G LTE data, and more for $70 per month (for the first device). The price decreases for each of up to four devices using the service: the second phone will cost $50 per month, the third $20 per month and the fourth line will be free. Spreading the cost of this evenly, each line will set you back just $35 per month.

Say what you want about T-Mobile, but simultaneously whacking the spotlight away from competitor Verizon while offering a credible discount on a brand new premium product – in a move that costs the company nil at the actual point of sale – seems like clever business.

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