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iPhone goes through existential crisis in new Google Pixel ads

"The bubbles, the bubbles! Is all I have to show for all my years on Earth the color of a bubble?!"
June 21, 2023
  • A new series of Google Pixel ads imagine a Pixel 7 Pro and an iPhone 14 Pro Max as being the best of friends.
  • Throughout the ads, the iPhone feels inferior to the Pixel, with the Pixel trying to be encouraging.
  • The voices of each phone are their respective voice assistants.

Buddy comedies are a staple of both TV and film. The Rush Hour series teamed up loud-mouthed Chris Tucker with the comically reserved Jackie Chan. Die Hard: With a Vengeance teamed up world-weary Bruce Willis with street-smart and sassy Samuel L. Jackson. And now, we have a new buddy comedy: iPhone and Pixel.

In a series of five Google Pixel ads, Google pretends an iPhone 14 Pro Max and a Google Pixel 7 Pro are the best of friends. However, the iPhone is going through a bit of an existential crisis. In each ad, the iPhone laments that it is falling behind, as the Pixel 7 Pro’s features outshine it in various ways.

In “Plateau,” which is mirrored above, the two phones wax poetic about what they can do. The iPhone feels inferior since its photos aren’t as good, its AI isn’t as advanced, and people constantly talk about how much better the Pixel 7 Pro’s shots are. The Pixel tries to calm the iPhone by talking about how it has blue bubbles that are so…blue. Furious, the iPhone exclaims, “The bubbles, the bubbles! Is all I have to show for all my years on Earth the color of a bubble?!”

The voices for each phone are their respective digital assistants, meaning Siri for the iPhone and Google Assistant for the Pixel. The robotic voices lend a bit of extra comedy sheen to the proceedings, as the lack of proper inflection makes things sound quite silly.

There are five ads altogether, which you can watch in this playlist.