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Poll results: You won't buy the Pixel 8 if these price hikes are true

Readers aren't completely put off by a price increase, but this rumored hike is another matter entirely.

Published onSeptember 18, 2023

The Google Pixel 8 series is less than a month away from launching, but rumored European prices suggest a huge price hike is on the cards. The standard Pixel 8 could start at €874.25 (up from €649) while the Pixel 8 Pro could set you back €1,235 (up from €849).

We posted a poll early this month, asking you whether you’d still buy the Pixel 8 series if these price hikes were accurate. Well, here are the results.

Would you still buy a Pixel 8 phone if it’s this expensive?


Over 3,200 votes were counted in this poll, and it turns out that a massive 71.7% of respondents won’t buy the Pixel 8 phones if these price increases are accurate.

That’s not a surprise as these hikes would be massive leaps over the competitively priced Pixel 7 range. You also have to imagine that shortcomings like the underpowered and hot Tensor chips are easier to overlook when you’re paying a cheaper price in the first place.

The vast majority of polled readers say they won't buy a Pixel 8 series phone if rumored European prices are accurate.

Meanwhile, 12.5% of surveyed readers say they’d “maybe” buy a Pixel 8 series handset in light of these rumored price increases. Rounding out the top three was “I wasn’t even planning on buying a Pixel,” accounting for 9.3% of the vote.

Finally, only 6.5% of respondents said they’d still buy a Pixel 8 series handset in the event this price hike turns out to be true. These people presumably feel that the Pixel software, camera experience, and update pledge are worth the premium.

It’s worth noting that an earlier leak pointed to a price hike of $50 to $100 (at least for the US). Roughly half of all polled Android Authority readers said they’d still buy the Pixel 8 series for $50 extra in a survey posted earlier this year. Just under a quarter said they’d buy the phones if they were $100 more expensive. So many people aren’t opposed to a more modest price increase.


  • Bikram: If the phone releases with such prices in USA and still sells like P7 series did… I have no hope for humankind. (A little hyperbole, but you get a drift.) Corpos will get another solid proof that they can do whatever they want and consumerism addicted people will still throw money at them.
  • Marty: Wow…those prices are gonna leave a lot of people out. With the US economy in ruins, people won’t have spare money to afford such high prices
  • Beardednomad: The only way I would pay that much for a Pixel is if it came with a Qualcomm chip and actual 2023 level fast charging.
  • berto1014: My P6P is running strong nearly 2 full years later. I am considering an upgrade this year, but certainly not at the full price. I will happily wait until the price has dropped back to reality and pick it up then. But yeah, I’ll run this P6P until it dies if I have to.
  • Ben: To me the price does not matter what matters is the upgrade cost. Last year Best buy gave me the pixel 7 with a pixel 6 trade in for only $20 plus tax on $20 so $22. Best buy give me $580 towards the pixel 7. And Best buy is one of the only companies I know that discounts the taxes on the trade-in value. If I only have to pay around $100 this year I would do it since it’s a bigger main camera sensor. Hopefully better chip and also apparently ultrasonic fingerprint. All those things are definitely worth more than the upgrade from the 6-7 was.
  • Geoffrey Morrow: I’ve had every Google phone since the Nexus 5 (yes, I know they’re not the best phones, but I like them)… if these prices are correct, it’ll be a very, very hard pass from me. If Google peeps are reading this, those numbers better be a typo because nobody is going to be attending the Pixel 8 party at those door prices.
  • Mike: I will buy whatever is cheaper this year either the iphone 15 plus or the pixel 8 pro.
  • RH: LOL, if Google does this, I’ll stick with my 7 pro a while, until they find out they aren’t selling, then drop the price. I upgraded from the 6 to the 7 because it was only 200 bucks, but that much of an increase, unless they pay ME move for my 7 pro? Forget it.