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You told us: Here's how many polled Pixel 7 owners have reception issues

The results for a refreshing change from our Pixel 6 series poll earlier this year.

Published onOctober 21, 2022

Pixel 7 Pro hazel top down view with display on
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

The Google Pixel 6 series had several annoying issues at launch, with some of these problems persisting to this day. Wireless connectivity was one of these long-running problems, but our initial findings are that this issue has been addressed on the Pixel 7 series.

We wondered whether Android Authority readers with Pixel 7 phones felt the same way. So we asked them, and here’s how they answered the poll.

Pixel 7 series: Have you had any reception issues?


Over 1,800 votes were tallied in this poll, and it turns out that the most popular option was “I don’t have a Pixel 7 phone,” accounting for 54.48% of the vote.

Otherwise, 35.62% of respondents said they didn’t have any reception issues on their Pixel 7 series phone. Finally, 9.9% of surveyed readers said they indeed had connectivity issues on their device.

When we remove people without a Pixel 7 series phone from the poll, it turns out that 21.7% of surveyed readers have reception issues on their new Google flagship device. By comparison, ~78.2% of respondents say they haven’t had problems.

For what it’s worth, we ran a similar poll for the Pixel 6 series earlier this year. Almost three quarters of polled readers back then said they had connectivity woes of some kind. In fact, close to a third of respondents said they suffered from connectivity issues “all the time.”


  • flamadiddle: I am having major signal issues with my Pixel 7 Pro. It has complete loss of signal at least once per minute, often several times per minute. It’s definitely my device only, because my wife’s P7P has no issues on the same network and plan. Thankfully, Google is already shipping a warranty replacement to me, but I was surprised. This is the first time I’ve had a problem with Google hardware, and I’ve been an enthusiast since the Nexus S.
  • 1ov4: I am in a very rural part of the US along the Missouri River bottoms. Lots of hills, lots of flatlands and few and far away cell towers. I am on AT&T’s 5g. Currently using unlocked Pixel 7 Pro from Google store. I’m coming from 4 separate, back to back, Pixel 6 Pros. The modem/connectivity issues in my area were horrendous with the 6 Pro. Almost enough to make me jump ship back to Samsung. I am happy and pleased to say that I have had ZERO connectivity issues with this newest Pixel iteration. It holds signal longer in places of known low signal strength, it handles 4g/5g hand-offs perfectly. It just plain seems to be trying harder. I get 5g, with actual data throughput, in places in the timber where in the past I would have an “!.”
  • Asier: Got the Pixel 7 Pro 2 days ago and I’m very disappointed with reception. The 4 year old POCOphone F1 I was coming from had much better reception. Pixel 7 Pro loses connection easily and takes ages to reconnect. I’ve had to turn airplane mode on a couple of times in order for it to regain connection. I’ve also noticed the phone is a dust magnet. There might be something wrong with my unit.
  • stang6790: I have the unlocked regular 7 on the Verizon network in the US. I skipped the 6 due to the modem issues. I upgraded the wife’s and my phone from the Pixel 5 and so far have had no issues, the signal seems to be on par with the Pixel 5.
  • johala02: Had problem to recive calls with Pixel 7 in Sweden. Im not sure if its a software, hardware issue or the modem. Anyway I sent it back after 3 days of use. Now I got a Nothing Phone 1. No problem with calls with it.  

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