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You told us: You've experienced connectivity woes with the Pixel 6 series

Only a quarter of polled readers said they had no connectivity issues with the Pixel 6 range.

Published onJuly 6, 2022

Google Pixel 6 Pro back lying on concrete
Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are probably the most competitive Pixel flagships released by the search giant yet. The phones offer in-house Tensor chipsets, big batteries, great cameras, and attractive pricing.

However, our own Rita El-Khoury lamented her Pixel 6 Pro’s connectivity, saying it has the worst reception and connectivity of any phone she had used. We wanted to know whether other Pixel 6 series users experienced these issues, so we posted a poll inside her article. Here are the results of that survey.

Have you had connectivity problems with your Pixel 6 series phone?


We posted the poll on July 2, and it proved to be a popular one. Over 8,700 votes were counted as of writing, and it turns out that 33.17% of polled readers say their Pixel 6 series phones suffer from connectivity issues all the time. Of course, we’re guessing that the article’s subject matter drew in a large number of people suffering from this issue, to begin with. But it’s still a very noteworthy result and one that Google should keep in mind for the Pixel 7 range.

The second most popular pick was “yes, from time to time,” accruing 30.28% of the vote. In third place was “not at all,” as 25.26% of respondents said they hadn’t suffered from connectivity issues. Finally, 11.3% of surveyed readers said they suffered from connectivity problems, but very rarely.

In other words, almost three-quarters of respondents said their Pixel 6 series phone had connectivity problems of some kind (regardless of frequency). Furthermore, ~63% of polled readers said they had reception and connectivity woes from time to time at the very least.


  • Eric: I was having horrible connection on my pixel 6 pro and suddenly one day it just stopped! Now my connection is way better but for months it was absolutely terrible
  • Paul Colella: I have connection issues from time to time forcing a complete reboot. Has gotten better with beta 13.3 but still inconsistent. Little annoying. And I’m using googles own fi service. Also, sometimes it cannot connect to wifi. Just endless attempts at obtaining an IP address. Again a reboot resolves. Too bad. I love this phone otherwise.
  • 007700: This has been a issue with all the pixel phones I’ve owned. My signal will still read LTE with bars yet no connectivity. The way these phones switch over from WiFi back to cell, or from no reception to having is very inaccurate. Maybe the modem is slow or the processor is also slow to register an accurate reading
  • Nick Franceschina: And i thought it was just me
  • Marcus O Byrne: I returned my Pixel 6 after 2 weeks out of frustration with the connectivity, it would constantly drop. Navigation on maps would never point me in the correct direction either no matter how many times I calibrated the compass. I went from perfect connectivity on my OnePlus Nord to absolutely terrible. Returned and got a refurbished Z Flip 3 for the same price and love it!
  • Wroethe: I’ve been a pixel fan for many years and I really appreciate many of the features of the pixel 6 pro but this is the last pixel I intend to own. The connection issues and rubbish fingerprint performance are too much inconvenience, particularly if you’re using Google pay for public transport and need it to connect properly.
  • cocogoat main: Works perfectly for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Twizted: Love the phone but yes. I hadn’t had a dropped call in decades until this phone.
  • Chaldon Pretorius: This was the main reason I got rid of the 6 Pro, stellar as it otherwise was. I have kids, and not being reachable because the phone would have no network signal was untenable for me. The useless auto brightness was the other reason.
  • Gyrator: The main reason I sold it and switched to the S22 Ultra. Worst connectivity on any smartphone I’ve ever had. It’s not noticeable if you’re mainly on WiFi, but if you travel it’s really bad.
  • Colm Donnelly: Seems like it’s regional – seamless connectivity on EE in the UK. Fast as anything.
  • Chris Cardinal: It is astonishing how bad the reception is on the P6Pro. I’ve owned every single Pixel and this is the worst by a country mile. Literally all of the issues you cite are present. I know that they ditched Qualcomm for the modem and boy can you feel it. This phone simply cannot switch off wifi, struggles and drops calls when transitioning from wifi calling, struggles with the transition from 5G to LTE, and absolutely sucks wind even at the best of time. Even after the C-band update, and on Verizon, it’s complete trash.

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