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Here are 200+ photos taken with the Google Pixel 7 Pro

We heard you liked photos so we took photos.
October 12, 2022
Pixel 7 Pro hazel in hand
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

The Pixel 7 Pro is officially here, and as Android Authority’s resident Pixel camera evangelist, I had to take it for a spin. Or many spins. Many, many, many spins.

Over the last six days since I got the phone, I have visited a mineralogy museum, a botanical garden, a small zoo, the city of Luxembourg, I went to a Three Days Grace concert, and I did a multi-hour hike on the Mullerthal trail. 800+ photos later, I think I’ve put the new camera rig with its macro mode, new wide angle lens, and new 5x tele lens, through enough tests and stress tests.

While our camera deep dives and extensive comparisons are still to come (unlike Three Days Grace’s song, we are not machines!), I thought I’d share with you a huge gallery of some of my favorite Pixel 7 Pro shots. There’s a mix of macros, zooms across many zoom ranges, wide angles, and regular shots. The goal here is to show what the 7 Pro is capable of, in general. And it’s capable of a lot.

It goes without saying that all of these shots are straight out of the camera, with zero edits. No cropping, no sharpening, no color correction, and no edits applied at all.

Mineral and geology museum

Most of these shots are either 2x or 5x zoomed in, and taken through a layer of glass. I did my best to put the Pixel 7 Pro’s lens as close to the glass as I could to avoid reflections, but keep that in mind if you see some oddities. If you ask me, almost every single shot in this collection can be a wallpaper.

Botanical garden

October isn’t the best month to go strolling in a garden, but Paris is a wonderful city and there are always flowers and bees to capture somewhere. Most of these shots are taken with the Pixel 7 Pro’s macro mode, but there are some regular snaps mixed in. I think the red and white flower with the yellow pistils shots are awesome, and the one with the bee is amazing. I did not get stung, in case you were wondering.

Rocking it out

Concerts used to be the only situation where I couldn’t get nice enough shots on my Pixel phones. By definition, the environment is the absolute worst for photography: dark indoors with strobing lights, moving people, and often enough a head full of hair obstructing your view. I was curious to see how the Pixel 7 Pro would deal with all of this.

I reached the concert venue a little late and the best spots were already taken. I had to stand on a platform behind two rows of people. My view, with my own eyes, was basically 90% heads of hair, 10% stage. I grabbed the Pixel 7 Pro, triggered the 5x zoom, and turned on Night Sight to see if it was really faster and able to capture moving people. I think the results speak for themselves. (A couple of shots were taken with 10x zoom too.)

Out hiking

Ah, the great outdoors, or how to push your phone’s HDR to its very limits. The selection here spans a big zoom range, from wide angle all the way to 10x zoom and macro mode. My favorite shots are the red car on the road below the viewpoint, the mushrooms growing on the tree branch, and the man-made tree-shaped cave. I’ll let you find them.

Luxembourg city

Going back to civilization, the shots in this collection are taken in Luxembourg city with plenty of old town pics, some park shots, and a mix of wide-angle and zoomed-in snaps. The bridge over the water shot is *chef kiss.*

In the dark

Yes, Night Sight is noticeably faster on the Pixel 7 Pro. And it’s just as good as we know it to be.

Zoo’ming on the animals

When visiting a zoo, bioparc, or nature reserve, animals are often kept far away from people, behind fences and glass. Taking pics of them is always complicated, but the Pixel 6 Pro handled that well, and the 7 Pro does it even better. These shots are all taken with the tele lens. There are 5x, 10x, 15x, and 20x shots. If you look closely, you’ll definitely see artifacts at the higher zoom levels, but I think the 5x and 10x shots are quite excellent. My favorite pics are the last 3 with the red panda: 10x, 15x, and 20x respectively.