Pokémon soli wave hello phone

For all of us Pokémon nerds out here, Google and The Pokémon Company recently worked together to bring us something truly exciting. The two companies developed a simple Motion Sense app called Pokémon Wave Hello! for the Google Pixel 4 to demo the device’s built-in Soli technology.

The app is not quite a full-featured game, but it offers a fun and easy way for users to learn how the Pixel 4’s new radar tech works. 9to5Google had the opportunity to test the Pokémon Motion Sense app out, but the gesture interactions weren’t functional since the app wasn’t running on a Pixel 4.

Instead of using gestures, users can still navigate the app by tapping. The demo is short, but users still get the chance to play with and learn about five different Pokémon: Pikachu, Scorbunny, Sobble, Grookey, and Eevee.

It makes sense that this app not only serves as a tool to demo Soli but also as promotional material for Pokémon’s new Sword and Shield games set to release next month on the Nintendo Switch. It’s still not clear if the app will be available on the Play Store or not. Given that it doesn’t just work with the Soli gestures, we think it’s possible it will be publicly available for other devices.

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We are really excited about the future of Motion Sense. Not only can Soli be a useful way to interact with your device on a daily basis, but this tech could also give mobile gaming quite a competitive advantage over traditional console and PC gaming. This Pokémon Soli demo not only proves that’s possible but also that Google is willing to partner with gaming companies to bring its radar technology to mainstream audiences.