Pixel 3 XL hands on

Google fans, the day is here. We can all finally stop talking about Pixel 3 leaks and start geeking out over actual news, specs, new features, and more. Welcome to Pixel day!

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You probably think you know everything there is to know about Google’s new phones, and we wouldn’t blame you for it. But Google seems pretty confident it still has a few aces hidden up its sleeve. Whether that means just some new feature or a brand new device that nobody scooped so farUltraaaaa?, we’ll find out today, starting at 11AM EST.

Here’s what you need to know.

Google Pixel launch: When to tune in

Unlike Google I/O, Google’s fall hardware event takes place in New York, meaning that it’s a bit earlier than usual. Here’s when to tune in for the live stream and live blog, around the world.

  • San Francisco: 8AM
  • Chicago: 10AM
  • New York: 11AM
  • London: 4PM
  • Berlin: 5PM
  • Moscow: 6PM
  • New Delhi: 8:30PM
  • Beijing: 11PM
  • Sydney: 2AM (Wednesday)

Google Pixel launch live stream

Google Pixel launch live blog

Live Blog Google Fall 2018 Hardware Event

Google Pixel launch: What to expect

Our Google Pixel launch coverage

Come back during the event!

Who’s excited? Which announcement do you look forward to?

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