The Pixel 2 problems continue, though this latest one actually has some charm. Like this previous issues, this was once again noted multiple times in the Google Product forums, and once more relates to the XL 2 display. But it’s not washed out colors or burn-in that’s the subject this time: this is more like an exclusive lightning mode.

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Users are reporting that, when switching the display off or on — or when it does so automatically — the Pixel XL 2 screen will occasionally flash before reaching its final state. According to the reports, factory resetting the device doesn’t solve the issue, but toggling the ambient display on and off can work as a (possibly temporary) solution.

Rebooting the device also doesn’t help, as you can see in the video below.

Commenters at Android Police have also voiced that their Nexus 6P‘s started acting similarly following the update to Oreo, so there’s a chance that this isn’t specifically related to the LG panel on the Pixel XL 2 but is simply a software problem. If that’s the case, you can expect Google to provide an over-the-air fix, meaning you won’t have to go through the returns process.

It seems to have happened to people fairly soon after using the device also, so if you haven’t seen it after a few days then your handset might not be affected.

If you have noticed this problem on your Pixel XL 2, make sure you post the details on the Google Product forums page; the more people affected, the faster it is likely to be addressed.

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