We reported on a Google Pixel 2 issue regarding clicking and high-pitched sounds earlier this week. It’s one of the most discussed topics over at the Google Product Forums right now, alongside the numerous discussions on screen quality. Thankfully, it seems that Google has a fix coming soon.

Community Manager Orrin has posted an official update in the forums to say that Google is currently validating a software update and that it will be available “in the coming weeks.” It was previously suspected that the update would roll out this week — based on a screenshot of a comment from another Google support operative — however, it appears that this isn’t the case (Orrin’s comments are usually the ones to be relied on).

As was originally suspected, this issue seems to be related to NFC and Orrin suggests that you can turn this off to alleviate the problems. The noise itself doesn’t actually affect device performance or function.

Despite this, there are still some user comments stating that disabling NFC doesn’t fix the problem. It’s possible that there is more than one audio issue at play, here, with people describing both clicking sounds and a more high-pitched whining. As such, the upcoming update may only fix part of the problem. Either way, we’ll let you know what the situation is when the patch lands shortly.

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