Backup and Sync, the replacement for Google Photos Backup.

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Google released Backup and Sync last year, a service that allowed users to save their computer’s files to Google Drive. The app was meant to replace the Google Photos Backup desktop app, though the two have happily coexisted for the last 9 months.

If you’re like me and still using the older app, Google now has some bad news for you: support for Google Photos Backup is ending in May.

“The desktop uploader, Google Photos Backup, will no longer be supported after May 12, 2018. After this date, you won’t be able to back up photos & videos using the uploader,” Google said in an email.

The Mountain View company also took the opportunity to promote Backup and Sync app once more, stating that it’s the “faster and easier way” to store your photos.

Google’s new app also replaces the Drive tools for PC and Mac; if you’re using those, you might want to jump ship too.

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