Inside Google's massive Android rebrand!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review: Not the Note you know

David Imel August 23, 2019 1424 shares

Inside Google’s massive Android rebrand

David Imel August 22, 2019 770 shares

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus: Price and deals

Team AA August 23, 2019 318 shares

JBL Link Bar review: The smartest speaker in its class

Lily Katz August 22, 2019 69 shares
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Google Photos now lets you search for, copy/paste text in photos

Google Photos has received a major character recognition boost, allowing you to search for text in photos and more.
Team AAAugust 23, 20191234 shares

15 best Android apps of 2019! (Updated August 2019)

Android evolves more every year, but apps remain just as important as ever. Here are the best Android apps of 2019!
Joe HindyAugust 1, 20192603 shares

Four useful things you can’t do with Google Photos for some reason

These are simple tasks that Google Photos should be able to handle, but you can't do them.
C. Scott BrownJune 16, 2019347 shares

Google will simplify the way Photos and Drive sync, but it’s still confusing

It's going to go from "really confusing" to just "confusing." But hey, that's progress.
C. Scott BrownJune 12, 2019130 shares

Beginner’s guide to Google Photos

We will get you started on using Google Photos, the cloud-based image storage service from Google.
John CallahamJune 2, 2019964 shares

10 best gallery apps for Android! (Updated 2019)

Is the stock gallery app on your device terrible and it's driving you insane? Don't worry, we've got you covered with the best gallery apps for Android!
Joe HindyMay 26, 20194688 shares

Google Photos Colorize feature still in works, might get beta soon

Google announced Colorize capabilities for Google Photos last year, but we haven't heard anything about it until now.
Hadlee SimonsMay 10, 2019148 shares

Set it and forget it: 5 things you should always automate on your phone

To make your life a bit easier, we have compiled a list of tasks you can automate on your Android smartphone.
Mitja RutnikMay 8, 20191271 shares

Google Pixel 3a phones lack free original quality Google Photos backups

You can take the same quality pics as the Pixel 3 (or close to it), but you can't save them in the cloud for free.
C. Scott BrownMay 7, 201954 shares

Google Photos update may address major photo upload annoyance

Some third-party apps only support one photo upload at a time, but Google Photos may soon offer a workaround.
Hadlee SimonsApril 2, 2019123 shares
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