Galaxy S20 Plus for $15/mo on Verizon!

Google Pixel series camera shootout: Three generations of progress

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LG Wing review: An incredible first try, but a first try nonetheless

C. Scott Brown October 28, 2020 291 shares

TicWatch Pro 3 review: Resetting the bar for Wear OS

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The OnePlus 8T has a Nord problem

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Smartphone tripods: Everything you need to know

You don't need a DSLR to take great photos. Your phone and a tripod are all you need for stunning shots.
Suzana DalulOctober 5, 202071 shares

15 best Android apps available right now!

Android evolves more every year, but apps remain just as important as ever. Here are the best Android apps of 2019!
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Google Photos’ new Android editor uses AI to help images pop

You can even add portrait effects to years-old pictures.
Jon FingasSeptember 30, 2020

15 best Photo Editor Apps for Android

Photo editing can be difficult to do on Android devices if you don't have the right app so here is our list of the top photo editor apps for Android
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Google Photos might not be backing up all your pics: Here’s how to check

You might be thinking Google Photos backups are happening for everything you have, but they might not.
C. Scott BrownJune 29, 2020329 shares

PSA: Be very careful with emails about your Google Photos being published

The chances are very high that the Google Photos email about how your pics have been "published" is fake.
C. Scott BrownJune 25, 2020334 shares

Google Photos gets redesign, new logo, and new maps feature (finally!)

The map view for your photos is something people have wanted for a very long time.
C. Scott BrownJune 25, 2020572 shares

10 best gallery apps for Android!

Is the stock gallery app on your device terrible and it's driving you insane? Here are the best gallery apps for Android!
Joe HindyJune 4, 20204688 shares

Google Photos accidentally sent some users’ videos to strangers

Received a stranger's video on Google Photos? Or maybe a stranger has yours? Google has confirmed the issue.
Hadlee SimonsFebruary 4, 20201031 shares

Beginner’s guide to Google Photos

We will get you started on using Google Photos, the cloud-based image storage service from Google.
John CallahamDecember 23, 2019974 shares
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