Get $400 off the Pixel 4 and a plan starting at $20/month!

Google Pixel 4a vs older Google phones: Should you upgrade?

Robert Triggs 12 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Is it okay to sell a $1,000 plastic phone?

Hadlee Simons August 8, 2020 1406 shares

The underpowered Galaxy Note 20 Exynos model risks splitting the series in two

Robert Triggs August 9, 2020 1011 shares

Motorola Edge review: Numbers don’t mean everything

Eric Zeman August 9, 2020 294 shares
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How to use Google Drive: Everything you need to know

Don't know how to use Google Drive? Here's a short guide on all of Drive's essential features.
Nick FernandezAugust 9, 202025 shares

How to delete a page in Google Docs

Formatting issues are an annoying part of creating documents. Here's how to delete a page in Google Docs to fix some issues!
Ryan HainesAugust 3, 2020

How to sort in Google Sheets

Managing a long list of contacts can be a challenge even on a good day. Here's how to easily sort in Google Sheets!
Ryan HainesAugust 2, 2020

How to make a graph in Google Sheets

Nobody likes to read a wall of confusing data. Here's how to make a graph in Google Sheets and keep your readers interested!
Ryan HainesAugust 1, 202081 shares

How to search in Google Sheets

Spreadsheets are great ways to track data but what if you need a specific item? Here's how to search in Google Sheets.
Ryan HainesAugust 1, 2020

15 best free Android apps available right now!

Apps are one of the best things about Android and you can get some pretty sweet ones without spending a dime. Here are the best free Android apps!
Joe HindyAugust 1, 202071407 shares

15 best Android apps available right now!

Android evolves more every year, but apps remain just as important as ever. Here are the best Android apps of 2019!
Joe HindyAugust 1, 20202603 shares

15 most useful apps for Android!

Android is full of useful apps because smartphones are supposed to help us. Here are the most useful apps for Android!
Joe HindyJuly 30, 20201518 shares

How to insert a text box in Google Docs

You can do a lot more in word processors than just write simple paragraphs. Here's how to insert a text box in Google Docs.
Ryan HainesJune 24, 2020

How to use Google Docs: Basic tutorial, plus tips and tricks

Google Docs is a fantastic alternative to Microsoft Word, but it doesn't work exactly the same. Here's a basic tutorial!
Nick FernandezJune 23, 2020150 shares
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