Google’s Map Maker user submissions are usually on point, but we do get the occasional joker showing the world why we can’t have nice things. A giant image of an Android robot peeing on an Apple logo was displayed in Pakistan last April. Needless to say this was a huge embarrassment for Google. The Search Giant had to apologize, take the image down and shut down editing in Map Maker.

android apple

As promised last month, today Google is re-enabling user submissions to Map Maker, but precautionary measures and new moderation techniques have been applied. For now, this feature will only be available for a few markets. These include Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, India, the Philippines and Ukraine. All six countries will have access to Map Maker editing starting today, with more areas being included “over the coming weeks”.

What exactly are the differences? Google’s automated system will still be in place, but the company has also armed itself with a team of dedicated users they call Regional Leads. These members will be able to moderate changes submitted within their areas, which means edits may take a while longer to go live. In addition, Google’s own team members will also moderate edits from time to time, but they will mostly stay hands-off.


To further strengthen the system and make sure no one is fooling around, the Mountain View tech giant is also temporarily disabling the ability to add or edit geometric figures or polygons in Maps.

By the way, you can be a Regional Lead if you are interesting in keeping your area’s maps accurate. Google chooses these users based on contribution quality and history. If you want in, just fill out this form and get started.

So there you have it, guys! Google Map Maker editing is finally back, even if it is with a lot more limitations and only in some markets. It’s all for the greater good, though. Are any of you looking to sign up to moderate your regions?