Credit: Edgar Cervantes/ Android Authority

  • The Google Home and Google Assistant now support 1500 smart home devices from more than 200 brands
  • Google’s last count came in at more than 1000 products from more than 50 brands
  • Google continues to broaden its product range as it takes on rival Amazon in the smart speaker sphere

Google is pushing its smart speaker and digital assistant products hard and it’s adding more supported devices on a regular basis. In an update on the Google Assistant Partners page (via Android Police), Google says these now support 1500 smart home devices from more than 200 brands.

Google reached these figures following a number of newly supported devices (also via Android Police, listed below) which were recently added to its roster. This is up 500 devices and 50 brands from the last count on Google’s page, which includes products controllable both by Google Home and Google Assistant on other devices.

  • Ecovacs + Deebot Ecovacs
  • Energenie MiHome
  • OSRAM Lightify Europe
  • Eques Elf
  • Seetime Smart
  • VeSync
  • Mediola SmartHome
  • DreamCatcher
  • Simple Connect
  • Orient AC
  • Skybell
  • Petnet
  • Smart K
  • Voxior Home
  • AIONE Lifestyle Studio Inc.
  • AppUnique Limited
  • Vivitar Smart Cameras

This news follows soon after speculation that Google made a loss on sales of its Google Home Mini during the holiday season, as it battles Amazon for living room dominance. Similarly, Amazon is said to have lost money on its Echo Dot speaker during the time, though it became the best-selling product on its retail store in that period.

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