Plenty of Google Home users threw a fit after finding out shopping lists were no longer going to be managed through Keep. In fact, pretty much everyone took it to our comments section to complain about the change, with one of the most popular grievances being the fact that Express didn’t have shareable lists.

Google is here to fix at least that part of the issue. The Google Express app has just been updated with the ability to share shopping lists. In addition, users can now edit these shopping lists using phones, tablets or computers. Other changes include bug fixes and the removal of support for devices running anything older than Jelly Bean.

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This hardly fixes the root issue, as many of you still don’t want to use Google Express. Some just want to see a list in a device, and having a whole other shopping app for that does seem overkill. Alternatively, you could just create your own shopping lists in Keep, but then Google Home won’t really work with that system seamlessly.

It’s a bit of a mess, but it may be one we have to deal with. Some of you mentioned buying an Amazon Echo device. Is that something you are still considering? Is this change pretty much a deal-breaker for you?

Edgar Cervantes
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