• Google announced today that more countries and carriers will support eSIM technology than ever before.
  • eSIM enables smartphones to switch SIM data without having to physically switch SIM cards.
  • The Google Pixel 3 and other Google Fi-compatible phones have eSIM capabilities.

While it’s pretty cool that eSIM technology in smartphones enables you to switch carriers easily without having to fumble with a tiny SIM card, it doesn’t mean much if carriers don’t support the technology.

Today, Google announced that more countries and carriers than ever before will support eSIM smartphones. The eSIM capabilities of the Google Pixel 3 (and Google Pixel 2) are part of the reason Google is pushing hard on the technology.

According to Google, you will soon be able to use the eSIM capabilities of phones like the Google Pixel 3 on the following carriers:

  • Deutsche Telekom in Germany
  • Vodafone in Germany

Google also says that eSIM support will come to the following carriers/countries “in the coming months”:

  • Sprint in the United States
  • EE in the United Kingdom
  • Airtel in India
  • Reliance Jio in India
  • Truphone in various countries
  • Gigsky in various countries

Phones with eSIM support can fully operate on Google’s wireless service Google Fi — the eSIM tech allows the phones to seamlessly switch from towers owned by different carriers. Google recently opened Google Fi to phones without eSIM support, but the devices will be much more limited than eSIM devices. You can read our synopsis of the limitations below.

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