Official examples of how ads will appear in Google Discover. Google

In news that will not be too surprising, Google announced today that advertisements will soon appear in Google Discover feeds. Google Discover is the replacement system for Google Feed which appears to the left of many Android home screens.

As you scroll through Discover, you’ll see ads marked with a green “ad” icon to differentiate them from regular content. Google will call these types of promotions Discovery ads.

Despite the name, Discovery ads aren’t limited just to Google Discover. They will also appear in other Google products including traditional search, YouTube, and Gmail’s Promotions and Social tabs.

Above, you can see an image that depicts how ads will look in Search, Google Discover, and YouTube, from left-to-right. Check out this close-up shot to see the “ad” icons:

Official examples of how ads will appear in Google Discover. Google

Although the addition of advertisements in any product usually causes most of us to groan, it’s hardly unexpected for Google to announce this new “feature.” Advertising is Google’s bread and butter, and introducing new ways to connect advertisers with consumers is par for the course.

These new advertising tools will be available to marketers around the world later this year, so you have a little while before you’ll see these ads in your feeds.

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