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Chromecast users will soon finally be able to stream local video and audio natively without resorting to a third-party app. The stupidly long-awaited feature is currently in testing as part of the Chrome beta channel, but you can try it out for yourself by enabling a Chromium switch.

From an early screenshot shared on Google+ (below) we can see that streaming local files will be as simple as hitting the cast button within the Chrome web browser. All you need to do is click “Cast File” which shows up in the usual dropdown list underneath options for casting tabs or your desktop screen, and then selecting whichever file you wish to cast.

It seems likely that the feature will be rolling out shortly to deskop and presumably mobile via the Home app, but if you can’t wait any longer, just enter the command line “features=EnableCastLocalMedia” into Chrome’s backend via the methods listed here.

Up until now, anyone wanting to stream a video or audio file via Google Cast had no choice but to use unofficial means. Media center apps like Plex or Kodi, or specific Chromecast-focused streaming apps like Videostream have both filled in admirably, while popular media player VLC also added Cast support just last month.

chromecast stream local files screenshot


While the feature will no doubt see the most use with Chromecast devices – such as the vanilla Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, or Chromecast Audio – it’ll also benefit users with other Cast-enabled devices, such as Google Home and Android TV sets/boxes.

Are you looking forward to streaming all of your video files – which you absolutely did not obtain through surreptitious means – straight to Chromecast? Let us know in the comments.

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