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We asked, you told us: You prefer Google Chrome over Samsung Internet

The overall results might not be surprising, but Samsung Internet still has a ton of fans.

Published onJanuary 28, 2021

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Google Chrome isn’t the only major mobile web browser on the market, as there are quite a few challengers out there. One of the biggest challengers is Samsung Internet though, shipping with Samsung phones.

Samsung’s app bucks the trend of ho-hum manufacturer-backed browsers by actually being pretty good. Between features like ad blocking, anti-tracking, and redirect warnings, Samsung Internet has plenty of welcome additions. And that’s aside from things like the toolbar, customization, and dark mode.

Our own Mitja Rutnik praised Samsung Internet in an article recently, but also asked Android Authority readers whether they preferred Samsung’s browser or Google Chrome. Here’s what you told us.

Do you prefer Google Chrome or Samsung Internet?


We first posed this question on our website on January 24 2021, subsequently posting it to YouTube and Twitter as well. Over 38,100 people voted across all three platforms, and the overall results show that almost 70% of users prefer Chrome to Samsung Internet.

It’s understandable that people would opt for this pick, as more people likely have experience with Chrome on mobile than Samsung Internet. So it could be a case of some users voting for what they know rather than trying out Samsung’s offering first. Several users also pointed to Chrome features like cross-platform synchronization as a reason why they picked Google’s browser.

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Meanwhile, 31.9% of total votes went to Samsung Internet as the browser of choice. In fact, these respondents seem to be the most vocal when it came to leaving comments too. Users pointed to factors like smooth performance, dark mode, Dex integration, ad blocking, and focus on one-handed operation.

We noticed that the YouTube and Twitter polls were overwhelmingly in Google’s favor, while the website poll swung in Samsung’s direction. We’re guessing that the headline and nature of the post courted plenty of Samsung Internet fans as a result. Still, it’s hard to deny that the browser has plenty of neat features.


  • Robin S: Chrome sync is just way too important for me to miss it. I would never use Samsung browser again because of that reason. Having all passwords and tabs + bookmarks in sync as well as aufofill is a basic requirement for me. I need around 300 different passwords and I don’t want to use a third party tool that costs something for that purpose.
  • Diwa Galvez: I’ve tried Chrome, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, UC, Samsung Internet, Firefox, and Brave. I still use Samsung Internet for both my tablet and my phone.
  • Shaunak: I am 100% onboard. Save some sights that block its use on purpose, I have had a much better experience on Samsung Internet. The dark mode is a killer feature!
  • Snigdhaman Chatterjee: Have used both and I prefer Samsung Internet. It’s extremely one hand friendly, has ad block extensions, consumes lower battery and is fast! You can even lock secret tabs using biometrics. It’s based on Chromium just like Chrome.
  • missmotta: I love the Samsung browser for all the reasons you stated. It just works. And dark mode! Hallelujah! I do keep Chrome for certain websites that don’t play nice with Samsung ,like when I’m trying to share financial information, but it’s definitely been my daily driver for years. I’m hoping more people give it a try since it’s available in the play store for any Android device.
  • unCROWNED: Chrome’s sync feature is so good that I can’t leave it
  • darjen: Samsung Internet also works a lot better with Dex, where chrome crashes more frequently. I also like Opera better, with its adblock and built in vpn. It may be a small thing, but Chrome has no way to make new tabs open in the foreground. I hate having to scroll all the way up to the top in order to switch over to the new tab. There is also Opera’s setting to always use desktop versions of websites which is very helpful in Dex.
  • Bojan Tomic: No need to change anyone’s mind. Chrome is just superior.
  • Nicolas Nolte: Chrome Browser includes the ‘send to my other devices’ function, which is a killer feature for me since I use a Chromebook as my daily driver in the notebook department. Although I used to love Samsung Internet.
  • ANTHONYinCALI: For what I do on the internet chrome is the way to go. Idc where the toolbar is or really about any of those extra features in the article. All I care about is the curated articles, the password sync between devices, and dark mode. Samsung Internets dark mode is amazing and I really wish chrome did dark mode like that but it’s not quite enough to get me to switch.
  • jdrch: Firefox Nightly on Android is even better. So is Microsoft Edge. At least with those 2 you can sync to a desktop browser. No such thing with Samsung Internet.

That’s it for our Chrome vs Samsung Internet poll! What do you think of the topic and results? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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