Google Assistant Broken Reminders

Over the weekend, users on Reddit and Google’s support forums noted that Assistant reminders on Android had stopped working. While the feature is still working on other devices such as Home Hubs, those who rely on their smartphone for everything are missing essential reminders.

Typically, after asking the Assistant to remind you about something at a given time and date, you would receive a notification alerting you to whatever was set. With this current bug, nothing ends up popping up or the reminder only shows up when the user goes looking for it.

The reminder bug appears to stem from version 9.0.6 of the Google app after it was rolled out last week. It hasn’t been confirmed if the app itself is blocking the notifications or if the problem is server-side.

How to fix Google Assistant reminder notifications

If you’re still having issues with the Assistant not notifying you about your reminders, users on Reddit appear to have found several ways to fix them. The first solution is to delete the Google app so that it reverts to the version that came preinstalled on your phone.

Another option several people suggest is to go into the Google app’s settings and delete the cache.

None of these are guaranteed fixes, unfortunately. Some users (including myself) are starting to receive reminder notifications once again, so Google might be rolling out a fix right now.

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