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Google acquires Pixate - mobile app prototyping platform now free

Google's latest acquisition has just been announced and developers will be especially fond of it. The Search Giant is now welcoming the Pixate crew.

Published onJuly 21, 2015

Google’s never-ending shopping spree continues as the company tries to expand its reach anywhere possible. Their latest acquisition has just been announced and developers will be especially fond of it. The Search Giant is now welcoming the Pixate crew and integrating them right into their design team.

The acquisition’s cash amount is yet to be disclosed, but that is not what people are really worrying about. It doesn’t matter how much Pixate costed Google; what matters is how much it will cost you. The good news is Pixate Studio has gone completely free, which is a stunning discount for software that costed hundreds of dollars. We’ll talk more about pricing in a bit, though. For now let’s focus on what’s going on with Google and Pixate.


What is Pixate?

To put it shortly, Pixate Studio is a software that allows developers and designers to see their ideas for mobile apps come to life. It can generate native prototypes for iOS and Android, allowing app makers to experience their interfaces as if they were real.

In addition, the platform makes it a breeze for developers to upload their own layers, as well as adding interaction commands and animations. These projects can then easily be shared with the team so that they may test the design and further improve upon it.


What will happen to Pixate?

Both Google and Pixate assure the design tool will not be dying and is to continue running independently. That is not to say there won’t be changes – there definitely will be. Don’t worry, though. These are all going to benefit the user.


Pixate Studio and Cloud were not cheap, but you can always count on Google to make services much more accessible. After all, the Search Giant is all about getting more developers on board, so it only sensible to make it as affordable as possible… and that they did. Pixate Studio is now completely free!

Furthermore, Pixate Cloud has been heavily discounted to $5 a month or $50 a year, per user. For this reason, Pixate will no longer continue to offer cloud services for free. Instead, users have been given a 60-day trial and pricing will be as already stated, once this testing period is over.

In addition, those who have already purchased Pixate Studio will get a $150 credit to be used toward Pixate Cloud. Alternatively, those who purchased it within the last 14 days can get a full refund, if they so choose to.


What will the Pixate team do at Google?

While they are not expressing too much about future plans, Google does state the acquisition adds to their “ongoing effort to develop new design and prototyping tools, including Form 1.3”. Pixate CEO Paul Colton also mentions very little about their role at Mountain View, only mentioning they are “joining the design team”.

Wrapping up

Google continues building bridges so that developers may create the best apps they can. This acquisition is only part of it, but it will prove to be a great tool for app designers. Especially now that it costs nothing! Do we have any developers around here? Go download it now and see how it can improve your work.


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