Get the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Galaxy S20 Ultra or Z Flip: Which $1,400 Samsung phone should you buy?

Eric Zeman April 5, 2020 300 shares

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro hands-on: Killer specs at a higher price

David Imel April 3, 2020 1388 shares

Can we stop it with the comically big phones now?

Simon Hill April 5, 2020 1164 shares

Huawei P40 Pro review: Refinement done right

Ryan-Thomas Shaw April 1, 2020 50 shares
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Pay what you want to learn cross-platform app development

The Cross-Platform App Development Bundle contains a massive 106 hours of training. You can start from as little as $1.
AA DealsApril 4, 202083 shares

All the latest Android developer news and features you need to know about

Despite the cancellation of Google I/O, April has still been a big month for Android development news.
Adam SinickiApril 1, 2020104 shares

Now developers can work on the go with the GitHub app

GitHub's new mobile app promises to help developers be more productive from their Android and iOS devices.
Phillip PradoMarch 17, 2020181 shares

Android 11 Developer Preview (Updated for DP2): What developers need to know

This post explores the changes in Android 11 developer preview that devs really need to know about.
Adam SinickiMarch 1, 2020183 shares

Save 83% on our Android development for beginners course

The Introduction to Android App Development course is presented by our own DGiT Academy. You can enroll today for just $49.
AA DealsFebruary 27, 202072 shares

The new Unity 2019.3 brings powerful new features for game developers

Unity 2019.3 brings a large number of powerful new features to mobile game development.
Adam SinickiFebruary 4, 202012 shares

Prototype apps without any code using UX-App

Get started building a prototype for your dream app without writing any code. Access to UX-App is just $29 on Tech Deals.
AA DealsFebruary 4, 202050 shares

Thanks to Google, flashing Android builds on your Pixel just got much easier

Google's Android Flash Tool will let you flash AOSP onto your Pixel device from within your browser.
Phillip PradoJanuary 28, 2020190 shares

Android Game SDK: What it is and how to use it in your apps

The Android Game SDK is a new set of libraries for Android game developers. Here's how to use it!
Adam SinickiJanuary 20, 202091 shares

How to create non-game apps in Unity

Did you know that Unity can be used for more than games? Here's how you can create a utility app in Unity.
Adam SinickiJanuary 19, 2020126 shares
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