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How to generate a secure password with LastPass

Keep your passwords secure and hard to guess!

Published onNovember 8, 2022

A 2019 Google study tells us 75% of Americans are struggling with passwords. I know I am one of them! Things get even more worrisome when we learn about password habits. Many are easy to guess, and some people use passwords as simple as “password.” It seems most of us can’t be trusted with passwords, so using a good secure password generator and storage like LastPass is the best option. Let’s show you how to generate a secure password with LastPass.

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To generate a secure password with LastPass, download the Chrome extension and install it. Click on the LastPass extension, sign in, and select Generate Secure Password. Make your modifications. You can either copy and paste your new password, or select Fill Password to input it.

You can also do it from the Android app by launching LastPass, tapping on the + button, going into Password, tapping on the three-dot icon, and selecting Generate Password. Select the Password Length, go into Settings, and select which characters you want to use. You can now copy the password and paste it wherever you want to use it. Hit Save.


Editor’s note: These steps were put together using a custom PC running Windows 11 and a Pixel 7 Pro running Android 13. Some steps may differ, depending on your hardware and software. 

How to generate a secure password with LastPass

There are a couple of ways to generate a secure LastPass password. The main one is using the Chrome extension for desktop.

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Download and install the LastPass Chrome extension.
  3. Click on the LastPass extension.
  4. Go into Generate Secure Password.
  5. Make your selections to modify the generated password.
  6. You can now copy and paste the password. Or you can select Fill Password.

How to generate a secure password on the LastPass app

Generating a password on the Android app is a bit more complex. The feature is a bit more hidden. We can walk you through it.

    1. Launch the LastPass app.
    2. Tap the + button.
    3. Go into Password.
    4. Tap on the three-dot menu icon.
    5. Select Generate Password.
    6. You can now select the Password Length.
    7. To further modify the password, tap on Settings.
    8. Set your parameters.
    9. You can now copy and paste your password.
    10. Hit Save when you’re done.

Note: The LastPass app doesn’t allow taking screenshots, so we can’t show you images of the step-by-step process.

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Yes! LastPass can generate secure passwords from the Chrome extension or the mobile app.

Once your passwords are saved in LastPass, it can autofill your credentials when necessary.

You can use LastPass for free, and you get to save unlimited passwords, as well as all the basic features. You can pay to get extra features, though. Prices start at $3 per month.

If you decide to delete your LastPass account, export your info to make sure you don’t lose your passwords. Then, you’re free to delete; LastPass won’t store your info and you remain secure.