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Have a broken Samsung Galaxy Watch? Here are your options.

Get your beloved wearable fixed in a few simple steps.
August 18, 2023

While the best smartwatches are made with hardy, premium materials that can withstand a fair bit of abuse, things happen. While the Galaxy Watch 5 features a sapphire face and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic reintroduces the raised bezel, it doesn’t mean that either watch is indestructible. If you ever needed to repair your device, you’ve likely wondered if it’s worth it. We’re going to try to answer that question below.


You can visit Samsung's official repair services page to request a repair. Tap the Start repair service button, select All Other Products, and follow the steps. Alternatively, you can take your watch to your nearest Samsung store.


Are Samsung smartwatches easy to repair?


A user sets the Perpetual watch face on their device.
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Modern wearables aren’t the easiest devices to repair. They contain tiny, sensitive sensors and components and are often held together fastly to ensure water resistance. However, you may want to experiment if you have an older device.

Repair firm iFixit has a great collection of repair guides for numerous Samsung Galaxy Watches, from the Gear S to the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Find all the guides here. If you decide to take the plunge, you can get official parts for your Samsung device. iFixit has awarded the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Galaxy Watch 3 7/10 repairability scores. In other words, they’re not impossible to repair, but some facets of their design may be problematic.

Before you grab the screwdriver (or hammer), visit our Samsung Galaxy Watch problems and solutions guide to rule out software issues. If it’s a quick fix, you may not have to ready the operating table.

Repair guides for the Galaxy Watch 5 class its repairability difficulty as “moderate,” which means it’s entirely possible to repair and replace parts yourself, provided you follow the steps to the letter.

There are no guides or repairability scores for the Galaxy Watch 6 series yet, but that’s to be expected. The watches are fairly new. Of course, if you bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series, it’s likely still covered by a warranty. You can check your warranty status using Samsung’s warranty coverage checker.

How to request a Samsung smartwatch repair

samsung repair services page
Andy Walker / Android Authority

You can request a repair by visiting Samsung’s official repair services page. Click Let’s Start under Request a Repair, log in with your Samsung credentials, then follow the steps. You can also visit your nearest Samsung store to request a repair for your device. You can find your nearest store here.

A Samsung Account is required for mail-in repairs, but this is not necessary for walk-in or in-home services.

How much will my Samsung smartwatch cost to repair?

Unlike Apple, which provides blanket pricing for its Apple Watch repairs, Samsung determines cost on a case-by-case basis. Samsung considers “diagnosis, warranty status, and repair type selected” when calculating a price.

If you need a vague idea of how much a screen repair could cost, Samsung Australia lists a few prices on its website. It costs an estimated AU$265 (~$178) to replace the Galaxy Watch 5 40mm/44mm screen, AU$270 (~$182) for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s display, and AU$200 (~$135) for the Galaxy Watch 4 series models. That pricing may vary per region, but it provides a reasonable idea of what to expect to repair a damaged display.

Notably, it’s cheaper to repair the Galaxy Watch 6. According to Samsung Australia, AU$215 will cover the replacement of the 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 and 43mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic display. You’ll need AU$10 more to replace the display on the larger models.