Samsung is kicking the hype machine into overdrive for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Following the video teaser from yesterday, a longer clip that Samsung just published today shows us the first brief glimpses at the long anticipated devices.

Like the teaser from yesterday, this new video is all about curves, metal, and glass. The metal frame of S6 is briefly shown, and there’s a lot of imagery of glass and other silky smooth materials. The curved metal frame of the Galaxy S6 Edge can also be spotted, and the entire device can be seen, vaguely, around the 0:23 mark.

The silhouette of the Galaxy S6 seen at 0:37 seems to match the many renders, product schematics, and case leaks from the past couple of weeks.

Check out the full rumor roundup to get up to speed to with the Galaxy S6 and its sloped-edge sibling, and stick to Android Authority for more teasers as they come.

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