galaxy s6 teaesr

And here we go again – the newest teaser video for the Galaxy S6 is about the design of the device, and we can’t help notice the pane of glass shown in the very first seconds of the teaser.

While the voiceover says The Next Galaxy is crafted by things we see around us, the videos pans from a glass wall, to a metallic shelf, and then to squares of some mysterious undulating materials.

As a reminder, several rumors have claimed that the Galaxy S6 would feature a metallic frame going around a glass back, though one Bloomberg report suggested the S6 and S6 Edge would be “all-metal.” However, the fact that, just this week, Samsung emphasized the wireless charging capability of its next flagships is a clue that the device won’t be entirely metallic, as that would make wireless charging very difficult.

To be clear, this is by no means proof that the S6 will feature a glass back — maybe we’re seeing too much in this video, or Samsung just wanted to hint at the front of the device.

Let us know your thoughts, and check out the previous two Galaxy S6 video teasers, highlighting the phone’s camera and performance. With days to the official March 1 launch, more tantalizing clues are to be expected.

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