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You told us: You've bought a Galaxy S21 phone, or are thinking about it

A sizeable number of respondents said they pre-ordered the phone already.

Published onJanuary 29, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 side camera macro 1
David Imel / Android Authority

Today is Samsung Galaxy S21 day for a variety of markets, as the phones hit store shelves in the likes of the US and Europe. The series starts at $800 for the base model, while the S21 Ultra comes in at $1,199. Either way, they’re cheaper than last year’s mainline S20 devices.

That got us wondering whether Android Authority readers had already pre-ordered a Galaxy S21 series phone or intended to purchase one in the first place. Here’s how you voted in our poll.

Are you thinking about buying a Galaxy S21 phone?


We posted the poll on January 26 2021, asking readers whether they’ve pre-ordered a Galaxy S21 series phone, planned to buy one after release, were thinking about a purchase, or if they simply had no interest in the phones. A total of 1,043 votes were cast as of writing, with 41% of respondents saying they’ve pre-ordered Samsung’s new flagship phone.

The second most popular pick was “I’m not interested,” with almost 28% of respondents choosing this option. Clearly Samsung’s 2021 phones don’t resonate with some people. Comments suggest that feature decisions (e.g. the lack of a microSD card slot) and financial reasons might be to blame.

A sizeable number of voters (25%) are thinking about getting the phone, which could mean that people are intrigued by the series bar a few key concerns. Finally, only 6% of respondents said they planned to buy a Galaxy S21 series phone after release.

Looking at these results another way, over 70% of polled readers said they’ve either bought, will buy, or are thinking about buying a Galaxy S21 device.


  • Patrick O’Neil: I am keeping my S7 till the battery dies. Then I may just replace the battery. :)
  • John Zilch: I would have pre-ordered the S21 Ultra already BUT IT DOESN’T COME WITH A SD CARD SLOT SO GET BENT SAMSUNG!!
  • x2ice25: lack of an SD expansion was a no deal for me. Samsung seems to forget that if you offer something that others (mainly apple) dont then people might consider your product, but now that samsung s21 has basically become an iphone i might as well reconsider another brand. SD expansion is the ONLY reason i never went apple
  • Painfully_Candid: I suspect the pre-order numbers are signaling to Samsung that the S21 line is NOT all that popular. Seriously, as an S10 user, I don’t see enough reason to update to an S21. I’d lose the microSD expansion and the headphone jack. Why give those up for meh camera improvement and meh performance improvement? I’m still waiting for a camera that is SO good that there is no competition. The S21 has demonstrated it’s merely ONE of the best.
  • Anthorama: They lowered the price of their line, the s21 is same price as a last year s20 5g or even cheaper. They will definitely sell more.
  • sonicsynth2000: even with the insane trade in values at launch i doubt many people are gonna get a flagship phone this year
  • Lamar Taylor: I pre-ordered the GS21 Ultra and it arrives on Wednesday according to my FedEx tracking number. Samsung gave me $700 trade in credit so at least I don’t pay even close to full price.

That’s it for this Galaxy S21 series poll. Are you planning to buy one of the phones? Or maybe it doesn’t pique your interest? Either way, let us know below!

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