Yes, Samsung continues to include a fast charger with the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, but there is a catch. 

Samsung has historically included fast chargers in the box, instead of taking the Apple approach and requiring folks to pay extra for something that should be free. The good news is that all three Samsung Galaxy S20 models include 25W fast chargers. The bad news is that the Galaxy S20 Ultra actually supports 45W charging but Samsung is charging $50 for the privilege.

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Can I use a third-party 45W charger with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra?

While the S20 series (and Note 10 Plus) utilize open standards for their charger, for whatever reason there aren’t any 45W chargers that are certified to charge the phone at full speed.

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You might get lucky with a third-party option, but honestly, it’s a gamble at best. The reason for this is that most 45W chargers use USB Power Delivery but the Samsung charger requires PPS (Programmable Power Supply) and that’s something that few (if any) third-party chargers seem to utilize.

The bottom line?  We recommend you get the official 45W charger, linked below.

Samsung 45w PD charger
The official Samsung 45w PD charger is the only one that is certified to provide full speeding charging on 45W Samsung devices like the S20 series and the Note 10 Plus. While $50 isn't cheap, if you want the fastest charging possible it's worth picking up anyhow.

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