What is Fotor Photo Editor?

As the name implies, Fotor Photo Editor is a photo editor on Android. It’s been around for a while but was recently updated to version 2.0 and with that came a host of new features, a new UI, and plenty of other features. It’s free to use with in app purchases.

Fotor Photo Editor’s claim to fame is its many options and unique editing style. You can do a bunch of things such as control brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other basic photo editing tools. You can also apply filters and effects along with some more advanced photo editing tools if you need them. A lot of it is niche stuff that many average users won’t need or use but it is there if you want to play around or if you need it.

Editing photos is pretty simple but what we really liked was how images were edited. When applying many effects, filters, and tools, you can control how, where, and how strong filters and editing tools are applied. For instance, there is a line editor that lets you apply filters in different strengths as a gradient across photos. There is another tool that lets you apply effects around an object in the photo but not on the object. It takes a moment to get used to but it can help create some pretty artsy photos once you learn how to do it.

The UI is well designed and easy to maneuver. It’s bright which is a nice touch in terms of design and the tools are easy to access along the bottom. Along with all the aforementioned features, you’ll also find an auto-enhance mode, stickers, a mode to add text, and even a collage mode.

Fotor Photo Editor review

About as much as you could reasonably ask for in a photo editor.


A lot of options including filters, basic and advanced editing tools, and an auto-enhance mode.
Scene mode, collages, stickers, and text additions are a nice touch for those looking for something fun to do.
UI is bright and well designed. Tools are easy to find and use.
Unique editing tools allow you to control how and where effects, filters, and enhancements are made on your photo.


Laggy on some devices and others have reported app crashing.
It is packed with features but there is a ceiling as to what you can edit. This is no Photoshop-comparable app.
Some features, like stickers, is a little shallow. More is better sometimes.

Bottom Line

Overall, you can’t do much better for an app that you can more or less use for free. There are in app purchases but it is possible to enjoy the free version of this app as well. It’s packed with features even if it is restricted by the same ceiling as other photo editors are on Android. It’s worth a shot, check it out!

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