What is Nizam?

Nizam is a Bejeweled style puzzle game where you must match three shapes together to clear the board. Instead of doing it on your own, Nizam pits you against an opponent. You must put shapes into groups of three or more and then unleash them as attacks against your opponent. You can play single player mode which is against AI opponents or 2-player mode which pits you against a friend.

Here’s how it works. You’re working on a board filled with shapes. Each row and column are individually scrolled until you can match three-of-a-kind in at least one shape. You can then launch that attack at your opponent to cause damage. Then they do the same thing. This continues back and forth until someone runs out of life. Games can last anywhere from a minute or two to 10 minutes depending on the skill of each player. It’s also worth mentioning that you can match multiple groups of shapes in a single round which are then linked together in combos which gets you bonuses.

Unfortunately there is no online multiplayer and that’s kind of sad. A game like this could have really used online multiplayer and Google Play Games services to add a little extra motivation. Aside from these oversights, Nizam is surprisingly fun. We just wish the developers had done more with it. It is supported with ads so prepare to see the ad video after every other round. Otherwise, it’s pretty much a “what you see is what you get” sort of game.

Nizam review

It's fun but there should be more.


Fun premise of mixing a fighting game with classic Bejeweled game play.
On-device multiplayer is a nice touch.
Free to play with no in app purchases.


Could have used online multiplayer.
Could have used Google Play Games services.
Maybe a better, more in depth story would've made things more interesting.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a fun little time waster. Especially if you’re with another person and the two of you are looking for a way to kill ten minutes while waiting for the pizza delivery guy or something. It’s free to play with no in app purchases which is a really good price for this game.

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