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How to find your phone number on Android or iPhone

Maybe just call someone?

Published onJanuary 12, 2023

If you have just bought a new SIM card or eSIM card, then it is usual to momentarily forget the new number. Unless you’re someone with an excellent memory for numbers, you are going to need a way to quickly find your phone number on Android or iPhone. We’ll start with the most obvious method, then move on to a few other ways.

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The quickest way to find your phone number on Android or iPhone is to simply call someone with the phone who has caller ID enabled on their phone. Ask them to read the number back to you. Alternatively, you can find the phone number within the phone's settings. The location varies, depending on whether your phone is Android or iPhone.


Call someone

iPhone 13 Pro taking a phone call
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Sometimes, the solution to a problem is easy and obvious. Use the phone to call someone you know and ask them to read the number back to you from their caller ID display. Easy. And it takes care of the monthly phone call to your mother. Kill two birds with one stone!

Find your phone number on Android

If you’d rather not talk to your mother, or you’d prefer to go the Settings route, then let’s find out where that phone number is hiding. On Android, the location may vary slightly depending on what Android model you have. The following is based on the Pixel phone.

In Settings

android find phone number

You can usually find the number by going to Settings > About phone. On some phones, it’s possible that you may have to continue tapping through to a Network folder. But somewhere in that About phone section is your phone number.

In Contacts

android phone contacts app

On some Android models, you can also find your phone number in the Contacts app. There should be an entry at the very top of your contacts list called My Info or My Profile. In there, you will find your phone number. However, this doesn’t appear on all Android models, including Pixel and Samsung Galaxy.

Find your phone number on iPhone

Here is how to find your phone number on an iPhone.

In Settings

The settings are arguably the easiest way to find your iPhone phone number.

  • Go to Settings > Phone.
  • Scroll down to My Number.

In Contacts

The other iPhone method is to open the Contacts app. Or you can get there by opening the Phone app and tapping the Contacts tab at the bottom of the screen.

  • At the top of the screen is My Card. Tap it.
  • On the next screen, the number listed under mobile will always be the number of the SIM card in the phone.
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