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The wait is over. One of the most influential games of all times, the iconic RPG Final Fantasy VII is now available on Android.

Final Fantasy VII for Android comes 19 years after the game’s original release on the PlayStation, a year after Square Enix announced its mobile release, and ten months after the release of the iOS version. For the many, many fans of the game, the long wait has been completely worth it.

Final Fantasy VII brings the same engrossing story of the original console title and the same graphics, with a couple of notable changes in terms of game mechanics.

Obviously, you get customizable touchscreen controls – you can choose between “virtual analogue or fixed 4-way digital control pad options” and adjust the opacity of the controls.

The other big changes are the option to turn off enemy encounters on the world and area maps (with the exception of event battles) and a command that lets you maximize your stats instantly. These changes are meant to make the game “easier and more convenient,” according to Square Enix. While some will decry these “cheats” as an affront to the spirit of the legendary Final Fantasy VII, we can’t blame Square Enix for trying to make the game friendlier to attention-challenged mobile users.

Final Fantasy VII can be downloaded from the Play Store for $16, in line with other Square Enix titles. You will need 4GB of free storage to install it.

The developer warns that the game has a couple of significant known issues: vehicles sometimes stop moving when embarking or disembarking (restart from a save point to fix it) and the game won’t autosave when escaping from a battle, even if the relevant setting is on.

Square Enix also published a list of devices that the game has been tested on and it disclaims against installing it on non-officially supported devices. From the early reviews, some users have run into an issue with color distortion during cut scenes.

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Enough talk. Go take down Sephiroth by clicking on the download button bellow.

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