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Final Fantasy 7 hits iOS, Android could be next

Final Fantasy 7 is finally out for mobile, but not everything is good news with this release. Let's jump into all the details together, shall we?

Published onAugust 20, 2015

For many of us E3 2015 ended when Square Enix took the stage and announced Final Fantasy 7 was finally getting that HD remake we have been begging for many years. The same remake we were told time and again would never come. Nothing was going to beat this announcement! That still stands true for Final Fantasy 7 fans, but we did get another surprise from the RPG king – the original Final Fantasy 7 game was set to come to mobile.

Fast-forward a couple months and we find ourselves welcoming the most iconic Final Fantasy title to the mobile realms. The only bad news is it is not out for Android yet. Final Fantasy 7 has only been released for iOS so far. Why is this news piece even here? Well, for the same reason we even told you about this during the announcement. While the Android release hasn’t been 100% confirmed, Square Enix has been exceptional at bringing all its main titles to Android. Especially the ones which will make good money… and Final Fantasy 7 definitely will. 

By the way, we don’t only say that because the game will sell like hot pancakes. This title is also significantly expensive! Final Fantasy 7 is priced at a whopping $19.99 on iTunes, a cost that is higher than Square Enix’s already unreasonable $15-$17 price points. They know many of us will pay that cash, though. That’s where they get us!

If you don’t know Final Fantasy 7 by now? You really have some catching up to do. This game influenced a whole generation and boomed the Final Fantasy franchise success to the skies. So far up even the lifestream couldn’t stop it. It happens to be my personal favorite game of all times, and I know many of you are with me on that one. This is why I am worried about how you will feel about the next bit of news.

Square Enix, what did you just do?!

First and foremost, let me apologize about the words I typed last time I wrote about Final Fantasy 7. I told you this would be the same Final Fantasy 7 title we saw in 1997, ported and unadulterated; I was wrong. Square Enix changed one thing… one thing that may ruin your whole gaming experience.

The game comes with integrated cheating functionality. For starters, there will be an option to level up all your characters and give them max stats. But then why would you even want random battles? Don’t you worry, you can turn those off too!

To be honest, this shocked me more than when I saw Sephiroth’s Masamune pierce through you-know-who (actually… not really, but you get me). The battle system and leveling up is such an important part of Final Fantasy titles! Their level of difficulty and time consumption are what drives us to push through these challenges and spend months playing a single game. Why would you take that away from us?


I understand that the story line is also a huge part of Final Fantasy 7. Furthermore, many of us have beat the game plenty times, so skipping through that whole grinding process may be a viable option. I just feel like the experience will be ruined for all new players. But then again, is this release even aimed at first-timers? It just upsets me that it’s now so easy to ruin the experience.

But hey, tell us your own thoughts on this release! Do you agree with me on the whole cheat pandemonium? Hopefully an Android release is around the corner. Not seeing Final Fantasy 7 hit our devices would be something else to rant about.

Alright, now you can go download the game on your iPad or iPhone, if you want!

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