evernote-shotsGood news for Evernote fans who have embraced the Android platform. Starting today, Evernote for Android is available for download from the Android Market. The digital note-taking service allows users to create notes, capture screenshots, grab web clippings, take  photos, and upload other files to the Evernote servers using either a desktop application, a web browser, or a mobile application. While not as full-featured as the desktop application, the Android version of Evernote allows users to create notes, record audio, snap photos and store geolocation information with their uploaded data. Synchronization is two-way so users can then access this uploaded content via their desktop, web browser, or mobile phone. For those interested in Evernote, the application and the basic service are free. Advanced users that want to create complex notes with large file attachments must pay $5 monthly for a premium membership.

[via Tech Crunch]