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Roblox error 267: What it is and how to fix it

Kicked? Banned? Something else? Here's what to do when error code 267 ruins your day.

Published onNovember 22, 2023

Roblox is one of the best free games when it works, but occasionally, an error code may temporarily halt your enjoyment. In the case of error code 267, you have a rather significant problem on your hands. Here’s everything you need to know about the error code, how to fix it, and what causes it.


Roblox error code 267 usually appears when you've been kicked or banned from the game. There are many possible causes, from unstable internet connections to suspicious activity linked to your account.


What does error code 267 mean in Roblox?

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Error code 267 in Roblox generally indicates that you have been kicked from a session or temporarily banned from the game. It can appear when joining an experience, or it can happen when you’re already logged in. Several other factors can also spring it. The error could appear to prevent users with unstable internet connections from affecting an experience, or if the game detects suspicious activity. It’s also a way to prevent people from having an unfair advantage in the game. So if you’re “cheating,” you’ll likely get the Roblox error 267.

How to fix Roblox error code 267

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Due to its varied nature, error code 267 has no single fix. But depending on the message given alongside the error code, you may be able to narrow down the cause. Find a few potential solutions below.

Wait out the ban

If error code 267 appears alongside a ban message, your only course of action is to wait out that ban. The ban shouldn’t last for more than a few days at the most, so don’t be too worried.

Of course, it’s important to remember that you were banned for a reason. If it’s related to your conduct in an experience, be mindful of your actions leading up to the ban. Remember, others can report you for suspicious or malicious activity in-game. If it’s a technical issue, the steps below should help you understand and remedy the problem.

Try joining another experience

If error code 267 appears when joining a specific server, try entering another public or private experience. This will help you determine whether the issue lies with a particular experience, the Roblox client, or something else in your environment. If the new experience loads without issue, the problem likely lies with the original server you were trying to join. In this case, we suggest waiting a few hours before attempting to rejoin.

Check your internet connection

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As we’ve also discussed in our error code 279 guide, your internet connection could be the root of your problems. An erratic or slow connection could cause the Roblox client to boot you from the server.

Before doing anything hasty, reboot your router. Next, consider running a speed test to gauge your network’s performance. Finally, if your current network interface is too slow, consider switching to a more stable Wi-Fi network, wired connection, or mobile data connection.

Other potential fixes

  • If you’ve recently installed a new browser add-on, consider removing it again before using Roblox. It’s unlikely that existing add-ons or your existing browser would suddenly cause error code 267; however, a new ad-blocking or script-blocking add-on might.
  • Consider temporarily disabling your anti-virus software. Again, it’s unlikely that your security package would abruptly cause an issue if Roblox has functioned correctly with it running before, but it’s worth a try. Remember to reactivate it after this troubleshooting step.
  • Exempt Roblox from the Windows Defender Firewall. If you play the title on PC, this is a step you should perform whether you’ve encountered error code 267 or not.
    1. Open the Windows Start Menu and search for Windows Defender Firewall. Open the app.
    2. Click Allow and app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.
    3. Find Roblox and ensure that the checkbox on the left-hand side margin is checked.
    4. Hit OK.
  • Create a new account. This isn’t so much a fix as it is a workaround. If your main Roblox account remains inaccessible for more than a few days or if you really can’t wait to play again, consider creating a temporary or secondary account.