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Does Roku have a web browser?

Unfortunately, it's bad news on this topic, but all is not lost.
December 28, 2022
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Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The Roku OS for smart televisions remains the most popular in the US. It’s preinstalled on tons of smart TVs, and you can add it to your television with Roku’s streaming sticks and set-top boxes. It’s primarily for streaming video and audio. It also allows access to a few simple video games. However, many people might ask, “Does Roku have a web browser?”.

It’s not an unreasonable question. Many smart televisions have browsers. For example, all of Samsung’s smart TVs can access the company’s own web browser. Also, owners of Amazon’s Fire TV devices and smart TVs can download the Amazon Silk browser. Even Google TV owners can side-load the company’s Chrome browser on their boxes, sticks, and smart TVs. So can Roku owners get a web browser as well? We have the answer to that question.


Roku streaming sticks, set-top boxes, and smart TVs do not include support for native internet web browsers. However, you can still mirror the screen of your smartphone or tablet on your Roku TV or device to get the big-screen web experience.

Does Roku have a web browser?

The unfortunate answer to this question is “No.” While there were a few rudimentary web browsers in the Roku Channel library a few years ago, the company has since removed them all from the channel store, and it apparently does not allow Roku developers to add them. Indeed, there’s a page on Roku’s support site that’s dedicated to telling owners that the OS “does not provide the ability to browse the internet on your television”.

Mirror your mobile browser to your Roku

While there is no native Roku web browser, owners still have the ability to mirror their smartphone or tablet to a Roku device or smart TV. That will allow them to see their preferred mobile browser on the big screen. We have articles on how to mirror your Android phone or tablet to a Roku smart TV screen, and also how to use AirPlay to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to a Roku device.

Is mobile browser casting support available on Roku TVs?

Some browsers allow for casting their app to a smart TV without the need to mirror the entire screen of a phone or tablet. Unfortunately, this kind of support is not available for browsers with Roku devices or smart TVs.

That’s the unfortunate news on the lack of Roku web browsers. We will update this article if anything on this subject changes.