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Does Philo have local channels?

The bigger the channel package, the more it costs providers and customers.
October 13, 2022
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Philo TV

When you want live TV with unlimited cloud recording, Philo can be a far cheaper than alternatives like YouTube TV. But does Philo have local channels when you want to check in on broadcast news, weather, and sports? Read on for the details.

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No, Philo doesn't have local channels. You'll have to switch to antennas, third-party apps, or a combination of the two to get local content.


Why does Philo not have local channels?

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While there’s no official explanation, the answer is probably money. To stream the local affiliates of networks like ABC, CBS, or Fox, Philo would have to pay more in channel carriage rights. That would force it to raise subscription prices, killing its main advantage over the competition. The channels it does carry are applicable to anyone in the US.

Access to local channels and sports networks are two of the main attractions of YouTube TV, but it’s also why that service costs $65 per month versus Philo’s $25.

Two ways to get local channels on your TV to complement Philo

Antan Indoor Window HDTV Antenna 35

Check out our guide to this for more information. In short though, if you’re not prepared to switch streaming services, you’ll need some form of HDTV antenna and tuner. Your TV should have a tuner built in — ATSC 3.0 tuners can even handle 4K and Dolby Atmos — but you’ll probably have to spend $30 or more on the antenna.

If you’d rather not deal with tedious channel or input switching every time you want to watch local TV, your best bet is probably Plex. By combining a Plex Pass, an antenna, and a compatible tuner, you can not only watch channels through the Plex app, but record them to some Plex Media Server devices. If you don’t care about recording, you can forego the Pass, but you’ll still need to connect an antenna and tuner to your Media Server.

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The Plex route may be more expensive than just using an antenna, but in the long run, it’s easily cheaper than ditching Philo for YouTube TV or a cable package.

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